East Gungahlin High School

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Community engagement on this project is closed.

East Gungahlin high school will cater for up to 800 students in Years 7 to 10. It will be in the new suburb of Kenny to support families in the fast-growing Gungahlin area.

Once built, Kenny will be near Harrison and Throsby. It will connect to Gungahlin and the Canberra centre via the Well Station Drive Light Rail stop.

Roads in Kenny are being built and will give access to the school before the new suburb is complete.

East Gungahlin high school will provide high-quality general and specialist learning. Its accessible learning areas will include spaces for:

  • woodwork, metal work, digital arts, digital technologies
  • food technology
  • performing arts - music, dance, drama
  • creative arts
  • English, science, maths.

The school will run at zero emissions, with construction featuring:

  • all-electric facilities
  • sustainable materials
  • double-glazed windows
  • air permeability membranes
  • solar array.

Modern learning spaces will have:

  • integrated areas for students with specialised needs
  • internal access to natural light
  • indoor and outdoor learning areas.

Students and the community will be able to use the accessible sport facilities. These include:

  • double gymnasium for basketball, netball, futsal and volleyball
  • grassed oval for soccer, rugby union and rugby league
  • external fitness equipment.

The school responds to the strong cultural significance of the region. It connects to the nearby parks and nature reserves.

Currently, the school's name is its location. The community and stakeholders will help choose the official name.

East Gungahlin High School is set to open its doors for the 2024 school year.

Project benefits

The community will benefit from:

  • quality, contemporary education close to home
  • modern, accessible facilities for everyone
  • multi-use sporting facilities for students and the community
  • wellbeing principles for staff and students
  • progressive principles of cultural acknowledgment.

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Please contact the Education Directorate with any questions: act.education@act.gov.au.

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