Monaro Highway upgrade

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Key stats

Jobs created:

Approximately 700


$230.5 million

Project status

  • Planning and Design Underway

  • Community Engagement Underway

  • Under Construction

  • Expected Project Completion

The Monaro Highway Upgrade is a long-term series of road improvements which will deliver improved safety, freight efficiency and faster and smoother commutes for Tuggeranong, the Woden Valley and southern New South Wales.

Work is now underway on a new flyover and interchange at the intersection of Lanyon Drive and the Monaro Highway in Hume.

Preliminary design work is also underway on possible future upgrades on the Monaro Highway, including potential new grade separated interchanges at Mugga Lane/Tralee Street/Sheppard Street in Hume and at Isabella Drive. These interchanges are projects of interest subject to future government consideration.

Funding for this project is provided by the ACT and Australian Governments. It is part of the Commonwealth's Investment Road and Rail Program.

Lanyon Drive Interchange

New features will include:

  • southbound flyover passing over Lanyon Drive
  • roundabout at the new Monaro Highway southbound off-ramp at David Warren Road
  • four-way intersection at Lanyon Drive and Sheppard Street. This will create a new direct connection to David Warren Road and the new Monaro Highway southbound off-ramp.

Current features to be removed:

  • traffic lights at the Alexander Maconochie Centre intersection (David Warren Road)
  • existing southbound road.

Hume Interchange

New features may include:

  • flyover on the Monaro Highway connecting Mugga Lane and Tralee Street
  • modified Monaro Highway and Sheppard Street intersection. This will only allow for left turns to and from the Hume Industrial Precinct
  • on-ramp access to Monaro Highway northbound lanes from the Mugga Lane roundabout
  • upgraded local streets and intersections in the Hume Industrial Precinct.

Isabella Drive Interchange

New features may include:

  • extension of Isabella Drive from the existing Monaro Highway roundabout. This includes a new roundabout connecting to Tralee Street south
  • flyover on the Monaro Highway passing over the Isabella Drive extension
  • Monaro Highway southbound off-ramp
  • new northbound lane between Isabella Drive and Mugga Lane. This will support traffic entering and exiting the Monaro Highway.

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